"Shark II by Mac" Underwater Hockey Sticks

New product

1 year warranty : in case of breakage, we replace it

Look meticulously to its detailed finishing touch, its curves, its perfect ergonomic handle, there’s nothing missing.

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29,17 €

  • Left hand
  • Right hand
  • One unit
  • Pair

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Look meticulously to its detailed finishing touch, its curves, its perfect ergonomic handle, there’s nothing missing.

  • Controlled shot in all situations, with a reduced preparation movement, only with a simple movement of the wrist
  • Perfect hold for hands
  • Optimal thickness and shock absorption
  • Instinct hook with a perfect handle and a dynamic shot.

To create a stick for More-Sport.com, we called for Mac, great French player who played several years in the national French team. He also used to craft his own sticks like model “Shark” or “Mac”.

Especially for us he accepted to create a new model inspired from his historical sticks more designed for today’s challenges.
6 months of development permitted to create this out of extraordinary stick: the “Shark II by Mac”, exclusively distributed by More-Sport.com

Discover the stick in this video:

Usage precaution

More-Sport.com sticks were exclusively designed to practice underwater hockey. We advise not to use it for non-underwater hockey purpose.

Upkeep advises

Avoid corrosive products, it may damage the duration of materials in time. If you want to wash your sticks simply clean it with soap and water.

If the sticks are marked with an opposite colour (like with mark on black stick and black mark on a white stick) caused by a friction, use an erasing method to clean you sticks.

If your sticks suffered from a violent impact (like on goals or the edge of a tile) and that it has created a splinter, use a sanding technique with thin sandpaper to come back to the original smoothness of your sticks.

Often asked questions

How these sticks are made?
The production of the "Shark II by Mac" sticks is a registered procedure. It’s a handmade production who only “Mac” masters and which is the exclusivity of More-Sport.com.

Are they made for technique players?
It’s all Mac’s knowing, these sticks were designed to allow a very handled clean game and skills.

Are they made for physical players?
Tough and perfectly balanced for an optimal handle to keep the puck and resist to any impact in all kind of situations. They will follow you in different types of game stage where physique takes over subtlety.

Can I carve, sand, or pierce my sticks?
Our sticks are mass tainted, so everything is possible, however we recommend you not to custom it to avoid damaging them.