Underwater Hockey UWH Mouthguard

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Advanced mouthguard to play Underwater Hockey safely.

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10,00 €

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This mouthguard is especially made for Underwater Hockey.

It’s made from tough plastic with a rubbery flex to provide robust protection from impacts to the mouth but is still flexible and soft enough to absorb impact and minimise damage to lips and skin.

The round shape of the mouthguard is designed to fit perfectly around your face.

It can also be easily attached to any snorkel with the supplied rubber loop and holds in place without the need for taping or laborious fixing.

No bits to snip off, no bits to fall off, this design fits nicely to your gear and is comfy on your face.

Please Note: This mouthguard is designed to reduce risk of injury and minimise any injury that might be suffered through impacts to the mouth area during a game of Underwater Hockey.  Unfortunately, it cannot make you bulletproof and therefore there is still a chance of injury in exceptional circumstances or situations even while wearing this mouthguard correctly.

Precautions of use

Between different usages, it's better to keep it in an ambient temperature. Extreme temperatures can deform materials. In open air tournament, hide your gear from the sun.
This mouth guard was exclusively designed for the practice of underwater hockey. We advise not to use it for non-underwater hockey purpose.

Upkeep advices

Avoid corrosive products; it can reduce the duration of materials in time. If you want to clean your mouthguard, simply wash it with soap and water.

What is the objective of the partnership between More-Sport and Hydro UWH?

Hydro UWH is a specialized Underwater Hockey brand based in New Zealand. Due to its far location, the cost of having equipment delivered is high (transcontinental delivery charges and customs duties on arrival).

The collaboration between More-Sport and Hydro UWH will allow you to have a competitive and quality Underwater Hockey equipment already imported in Europe, therefore with classic delivery costs!