Pair of goals for Underwater Hockey

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Pair of goals for Underwater Hockey ‘by JH. Chenot’ compliant with CMAS standards.

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5 1 833,33 € Up to 9 166,67 €

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Each goal is composed of three main parts hold in position and guided thanks to smart squares. This design allows a usual pair of goals 3 meters (for official competitions) but also other settings like for example two training goals 2 meters long or one training goal 4 meters long.

The assembly is simple and the goals parts are easy to transport on the ground or underwater.

Fully stainless and without any risk of injury, no cutting edge, seam welded, clean slippery surfaces, the finishing is perfect. In particular the top back edge has a rounded fold that protects the player in case of contact.

To create this exclusive product, we have selected the design by JH. Chenot, experimented underwater hockey player and clever engineer, and the best of stainless steel manufacturing.

Dimensions* :

Cage :

length : 2x3m (regulatory) or 2x2m or 1x4m
depth : 120mm

Rear wall :

height : 180mm

Ramps :

slope : 11%
height : 20mm

Overall lengths : 2x3,36m (regulation) or 2x2,36m or 1x4,36m

Overall height : 180mm

Overall width : 302mm

Thickness of the plates : 2mm

* tolerance +/- 1 mm (except thickness)

Material: 304L stainless steel

EN 10027 (European) Afnor NF A 35573 (France) AISI (USA)
X2CrNi18-09 1.4307 Z3CN18-10 304 L

Care instructions : Maintenance-free, except Acetone cleansing in case of strong marks

Storage advice : Store in a dry and ventilated place and without deformation