: Terms and Conditions


These general terms and conditions (hereafter “T&C”) apply to any order, electronic, by phone or by any other mode, from personal consumers addressed to the company (the Company), either directly on its website (the Website) accessible at or through any other mean (physical shop, door to door sale, phone).

Professionals willing to order to are invited to contact the Company by phone to ask for the specific Professional terms and conditions applicable before buying.

Other organisations are considered as non professional, these general terms and conditions apply.

These T&C may be modified at any time by You must review and accept formally to complete any order.

The applicable T&C are the ones visible on the Website the day of the order and joined to the order confirmation email.

Any order through the Website means entire approval without any reserve and without condition of the T&C applicable the day of the order.

Information on prices

Service offers and products remain available as long as visible on the Website. The prices of products and services shown on the product datasheets on the Website do not include delivery costs and other possible additional services you may want to subscribe.

In particular, for marketing purpose the Company may propose on the Website exceptional and temporary offers. They remain available only while shown on the Website.


The availability of the products and services and the delay for delivery are shown on the Website and defined for each product.
In case of, after an order, a product or service would become totally or partially unavailable, would inform you by email and would propose several options:

  • either if you accept, to get another product or service with the same quality & price of the one of the initial order
  • or to get refunded of the price of the product or service ordered.

You may order to :

  • on-line on the Website
  • by phone, talking to the Customer Service
  • in a physical shop (even temporary)
  • while a door to door selling event will not proceed any order recieved by email, letter or fax.

When ordering, you must take care to validate your cart (after reviewing, modifying if necessary) and must accept these T&C and the obligation to pay for the order (of product or service) as per defined conditions.

After order submission, will ackowledge reception with an Order Confirmation email mentionning a summary of the order, its reference and these applicable T&C and will validate the order with a new Order Validation email. may refuse to validate the order for any legitimate reason, in particular in case of :

  • non conformity to these T&C
  • one of the previous orders would not have been paid in due delay
  • a litigation related to the payment of a previous order would still be treated
  • several serious and converging facts would lead to suspect fraud on this order

The emails will be sent to the email address defined to identify your customer account.

Would you miss any of these emails, we recommend ot get in touch with our customer service.

Payment conditions

The company proposes only Paypal payment from the Website and may propose other payment modes on physical shops or during door-to-door selling events (cash, check, money transfer for example).
The company may not propose one or several payment modes other than Paypal. In particular in the case of :

  • the payment partner do not propose the service anymore
  • one of the previous orders would not have been paid in due delay
  • a litigation related to the payment of a previous order would still be treated
  • several serious and converging facts would lead to suspect fraud on this order

On-line payments on the Website are made through Paypal, a secure payment platform. The terms of use and security of this platform may be reviewed on the page User Agreement for PayPal Service.

Personal Data

As part of the service delivered, may ask you certain data or documents (for ex : copy of identity card, copy of a home address justification). The Company will not be able to proceed the order without required data or documents. Documents provided are kept for 13 months or for the duration of the service if more than 13 months. Once the delay over, the documents will be systematically destroyed.

In conformity with the French law ‘Information Technology and Liberties’ and to the European ‘General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)’ on personal data applicable from May 25th 2018, you may, at any moment, request access, modification and opposition to any of your personal data just asking by writing and justifying your identity to The Company will receive and treat any request :

  • to access to your personal data
  • of information about treatments of your personal data
  • to modify your personal data
  • to oppose to file your personal data
  • to erase any personal data

If necessary, in the case of such demand, may end the provided service if it can be ensured in good conditions of management and follow up.

The technical partners and suppliers of may receive some data. The non transfer of the data related to the order may stop the delivery of the order. Some non personal data related to the order may exit European Union.

Order Delivery

The Company proposes several delivery services, to your home or in a withdrawal place. Delivery conditions, costs and delays, are different depending on the delivery mode chosen.

The delivery of certain products or to certain areas may justify additional invoicing. In such case this information will be clearly indicated on the delivery details page on the Website. The total amount of your delivery fees are indicated when confirming the order.

In case of late delivery of the ordered products, will make anything possible to inform you. You may as well inform our Customer Service of any unusual delay. The Company commits on doing the necessary to identify the cause of the delay and to find propose a solution to deliver in best delays.

In case of an ordered product or service would become totally or partially unavailable, would inform you by email and would propose :

  • to get a product or service of an equivalent quality and price
  • or to be refunded of the price of the order in the 30 days following the payment of the order

At reception, would you find any discrepancy, damaged product or missing accessories, please contact our Customer Service as soon as possible.


In conformity with the French law, articles L. 221-18 and following of the ‘Code de la Consommation’ you may retract from your order during 14 working days after the reception of the last product of the order without justifying any reason or paying any penalties, except shipment costs. After 14 working days, the order is considered valid and the delivery accepted. In case of a service order, it is considered accepted from the date of the cart validation.

The shipment back of the products is under your responsibility. Any damage to the products in this occasion may oppose the right to retract.
To use the retractation clause, the Company may be notified of your decision to retract by writing.

As per the law, following a retractation demand, will refund in 14 days following the notification of the retractation. Without reception back of the product in this delay may report the refund to the day of reception.

Certain products on the Website benefit from a contractual guarantee, the ‘Manufacturer Guarantee’, provided by the supply or the manufacturer of the product, in which is not involved.
Such guarantee is mentioned on the product datasheet on the Website.

Would you need to use this guarantee, just notify when contacting our Customer Service.

The benefits of the manufacturer guarantee do not prevent from the application of legal rules related to the conformity legal guarantee as mentioned in the French law, articles L217-4 to L217-13 of the ‘Code de la Consommation’ and the guarantee of hidden defects such as mentioned in the French civil law, articles 1641 to 1648 and articles 2232.

With the conformity legal guarantee, the consumer :

  • benefits from a 2 years delay from the delivery of the product to take action
  • may choose between reparation or replacement of the product under the conditions of the French law, article L.217-9 of the ‘Code de la Consommation’
  • do not have to prove the defect during the first 6 months during the delivery of the product. This delay is extended to twenty four months after March 2016 the 18th, except for second-hand products

The conformity legal guarantee applies independently from the commercial guarantee.

The consumer may decided to action the guarantee against hidden defects and may then choose between resolution or price reduction.

To benefit from the conformity legal guarantee on products bought from, please contact our Customer Service.

In case of problem with a product provided by, please contact our Customer Service. The Company cares for customer satisfaction and the level of service and will be reactive to fix any issue.

Force majeure

The Company can not be accountable of non execution of one of its obligations if due to the happening of a force majeure event.

Company details - Legal notice

Please see Legal Notice on the Website

Applicable law

These T&C are under French regulation.

In case one or several articles of these T&C would become not applicable due to a change in regulation or by justice decision, the other articles would remain valid and applicable.

General conditions of the rental service

The Company proposes sport products for rent.
In any case the Company remains owner for these products.

The duration of the contracts depends of the commitment of the customer. The rental price do not include shipment, cleaning or maintenance costs to keep it in good conditions.

The payment of the service may be done :

  • monthly by Paypal
  • monthly by money transfer
  • monthly by check
  • monthly by cash

when the order is validated, at the beginning of the rental period and for the entire period.

At the end of the contract, in case of late return of the products, the customer accepts to pay a penalty equivalent to the daily rental amount and for any day of delay.

  • The customer can’t lend, send or sub-rent the product
  • The customer provides to the company a copy of valid identity card

In case the customer would not return the product at all, the customer accepts to pay the remaining value of the product (estimated on the second-hand market if more than 1 year old) added to a penalty corresponding to 100% of the remaining value. Any recovering costs will be charged to the customer.

  • The customer is the only accountable of the product during the rental period
  • The customer is the only accountable of any damage to other persons of goods occured from the product during the rental period, and in particular the customer must subscribe the due insurances.
  • The customer must use the product in conformity with the law the a normal use of the product
  • The customer must take care of the product
  • The customer can’t modify the product without asking agreement of the Company
  • In case the product would be damaged from abnormal use, detected in the 7 days after return, the customer will have to pay the refurbishment costs when receiving the invoice.
  • Concerning fins rental, broken fiber fins may be considered as a normal consequence of use except if they happen to be repetitive or caused by abnormal use.
  • The customer must declare any stolen product to the due authorities and to copy the Company with the authorities report