Pair of Breier fins for rent

New product

  • Free footpocket change
  • Free blade change
  • These materials can be change
  • Rent 1 year at the price of 10 months

SEAC Footpocket : We recommend to take a size below your size of shoe.

Made-to-measure Footpocket : rent from one year. Fill fields in the section "Prodcut customization" below. (To know how to take the measures, go to "MORE INFO").

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8,33 €

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  • Seac
  • Made-to-measure
  • Yes - 1 month
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More info

Rental includes

  • Free footpocket change if size change or in case of breakage but still on the same model
  • Free blade change if change in hardness or in case of breakage
  • These materials can be change during big UWH tournaments
  • 1 year leasing for the price of 10 months (100 €/year)

Description of Breier fins

Our fins are especially designed to enhance propulsion in underwater hockey fast actions. Foil multi-layers structure can be bend, twisted in all axes with high energic responsive abilities.
The composite materials are carefully chosen in order to give swimmers 3D power propulsion fins with the perfect weight and the strength to hold up challenge of underwater game. Fully protected and approved for competition.
Our fins are used by the best underwater hockey teams in the world and in particular the last 3 worldchampions teams.
Composite blades to stock up on maximum energy throughout the bending.
Better strength and improved resistance to impact and crack propagation thanks to S-glass.

How to take the measures for made-to-measure footpocket ?


Step 1
Before you start measuring, put on your neoprene sock if you usually use one.

Step 2
Lay a sheet flat on the floor against a wall.

Step 3
Place your foot flat on the sheet, the heel against the wall.

Step 4
Draw a line at the end of your foot (toe).

Step 5
Measure the distance A-B between the bottom of the sheet and your line. Repeat for the other foot (see picture 1).

Step 6
Report the measurements in the fields above, in the "Product customization" section.


Step 7
Take a tape measure or seamstress tape. Keep your neoprene socks.

Step 8
Walk around your foot, passing the tape measure through the highest part of the foot (C, instep) and the deepest part of the bottom of the foot (D, arch).
Repeat the operation for the other foot (see picture 2).

Step 9
Report the measurements in the fields above, in the "Product customization" section.

Step 10
Register and add the product to the cart.