The philosophy of

Strong values is born from the fact that sport is a vector of social link and fulfilment so we want to support it particularly for the youth. We focus on dynamic niche sports, carrying values, compatible with the high level and Olympism were can bring a support for their development. For example, was born into the dynamic underwater hockey community that inspired its founders.

Promoting the sport practice by young people aims to promote the practice of sport by young people while making it more accessible and developing new ways of promotion. Young athletes generally have common characteristics; they have the highest sports potential but need financial means to move around or to equip themselves with the best gear in a period when they may change significantly (size, weight, strength, skills ...). Moreover, they struggle to get visible and attract the right support. has for example invented the concept of renting top-level sports equipment for them, thus avoiding families’ investments that they cannot afford.

Promote the rise of sport

Beyond the young; More-Sport’s concepts are of course open to all because the promotion of the sport has no age limitation..

To promote the development of niche sports with potential and the visibility of young talents, is also a marketing relay to build around these energies the media ecosystem supporting their development. This includes events, media dissemination, partnerships, and other appropriate forms.