"Batarang 285H" underwater hockey stick

New product

The stick made for hook lovers

Sold as a pair: one white stick and one black stick

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51,67 €

  • Left hand
  • Right hand

More info

If you only swear by your stick’s hook, The Batarang 285H is made for you.

This stick has the largest legal hook possible.
The hook is designed to give the most secure hook control possible, with this badboy you can steal any pucks, have the fastest hook turns, tackle whoever you want and backflick across two players (don’t try it though).

The Batarang 285H is made from a solid polyurethane plastic and reinforced with fiberglass for extra strength. The handle is textured to have a the best possible grip as well as the front side and the back side of the stick to have an optimized rolling puck control.
The shooting edge is curved and has a 10 degree bevel to ensure you easy and instant shot.
in other words, if you’re looking for a better hook gameplay, this stick is made for you.

Usage precaution

Hydro UWH sticks were exclusively designed to practice underwater hockey. We advise not to use it for non-underwater hockey purpose.

Upkeep advises

Avoid corrosive products, it may damage the duration of materials in time. If you want to wash your sticks simply clean it with soap and water.

If the sticks are marked with an opposite colour (like with mark on black stick and black mark on a white stick) caused by a friction, use an erasing method to clean you sticks.

If your sticks suffered from a violent impact (like on goals or the edge of a tile) and that it has created a splinter, use a sanding technique with thin sandpaper to come back to the original smoothness of your sticks.

What is the objective of the partnership between More-Sport and Hydro UWH?

Hydro UWH is a specialized Underwater Hockey brand based in New Zealand. Due to its far location, the cost of having equipment delivered is high (transcontinental delivery charges and customs duties on arrival).

The collaboration between More-Sport and Hydro UWH will allow you to have a competitive and quality Underwater Hockey equipment already imported in Europe, therefore with classic delivery costs!