• Puck to practice underwater hockey, 1.2 kg is the puck equivalent to the puck of most official championships.It consists of a lead core covered with a plastic layer. You have access to preferential rates with packs ! Choose the one that suits you best in the "Pack : 6 or 13 pucks" drop-down menu.

    45,83 €
  • More-sport gloves are specifically made for underwater hockey. Our team selected the perfect balance between toughness, quality of fabrication and comfort to offer you the best experience in game: Holds impacts Protection Good feeling of the stick in your hand Comfy and light In other words, you try it, you want it ;)

    29,17 €
  • Free footpocket change Free blade change These materials can be change Rent 1 year at the price of 10 months SEAC Footpocket : We recommend to take a size below your size of shoe. Made-to-measure Footpocket : rent from one year. Fill fields in the section "Prodcut customization" below. (To know how to take the measures, go to "MORE INFO").

    8,33 €
  • Advanced mouthguard to play Underwater Hockey safely.

    10,00 €
  • 1 year warranty : in case of breakage, we replace it Look meticulously to its detailed finishing touch, its curves, its perfect ergonomic handle, there’s nothing missing.

    29,17 €
  • Our straps are made of a nylon ribbon; you can order it in black, grey, green, red, orange and even blue. We favoured a lateral plastic fixation clip which is really easy to use. On its top a movable plastic buckle will allow you to perfectly adjust your strap.

    10,00 €
  • Enjoy this pack especially created for you ! For the glove, our team selected the perfect balance between toughness, quality of fabrication and comfort to offer you the best experience in game. Concerning sticks we called for Mac, great French player who played several years in the national French team. He also used to craft his own sticks like model...

    50,00 €
  • The T2 glove is the latest model of silicone glove designed by Hydro UWH especially for underwater hockey. It offers : Reinforced protection, especially at the phalanx level Thin and resistant fabric for a good feeling of its grip in the hand Please measure your hand before buying your glove so you don't get the wrong size !

    65,00 €
  • You want to change your fins during your rental ? Your size or hardness are no longer suitable ?No worries, exchange them !Only possible shipping costs are your responsibility. (Unless you change footpocket, go to "More Info").Do not forget to fill the fields at the bottom of page before adding to cart.

    0,00 €
  • The all in one stick made for competition, no compromise so you can play at your highest level. Sold as a pair: one white stick and one black stick

    65,00 €

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