Fins sticker: Comic "Pow" top

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  • Seac
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Made to measure for classic Breier and for made to measure Breier fins, this custom is water proof. It resist to rubbing trough a transparent covering placed over the vinyl custom.

Be careful : This is a unique custom vinyl which is made to be placed on the top of the fin (side on the top of the flipper).
If you wish to custom your second fin with it, you will find its pair in the suggested products.
If you also want to custom the other side of your fins you will find the same adapted pattern below in suggested products.

How to put a sticker ?

Step 1
After having washed your fins (with soap and water), put the sticker on the fin’s blade by centring it, then make it exceed a bit against the slipper (2 to 3 millimetres).

Step 2
Once the sticker is in position, hold it against the blade on the bottom of it with clamps, pliers or adhesive tape.

Step 3
Unstick the protective cover of the sticker on few centimetres by its top (slipper side). Bend the protective cover to facilitate the putting on.

Step 4
Stick the top by sweeping air bubbles with a plastic card. You can then remove pliers and continue to stick the sticker bit by bit. Add a little bit of glue all around the sticker to stick it perfectly.

To stick the bellow side of your fin, you can follow these steps, it’s the same.
Concerning Seac fins, we recommend you to unscrew the small red part and screw it when you done sticking your sticker.
Finally, it’s possible, for the top side of the on measure fins, the sticker exceed from the edge of the fin. In this case softly cut the exceeding sticker.

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